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RoboHub Eindhoven


We are a team motivated students and professionals that are working together to discover new solutions for robotic systems. Started as a Fontys centre of expertise project, we have since grown to a team of diverse and expert members all with a passion for Industry 4.0. We compete in some of the worlds most advanced robotics competitions to challenge ourselves, push forward innovation and meet likeminded individuals. We share our knowledge with companies to help them automate and bring the fourth industrial revolution to those who want it.

Robocup@work competition

The RoboCup is an international competition where people from all over the world are competing in different robotic leagues. We as RoboHub Eindhoven participate in the RoboCup@Work league.

The RoboCup@Work is one of the newer leagues within the RoboCup that focusses on Industry 4.0 robotics. The aim is to create an open source robot that can autonomously navigate through a dynamic environment, Search for specific objects using vision and precision handling of these objects using a robotic arm.

RoboCup Sydney robot Podium
Robocup@work competition sydney 2019