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We are a team of motivated students and professionals that are working together to discover new solutions for robotic systems. Started as a Fontys centre of expertise project. We are challenging ourselves to find creative ways to bring robotics to the next step. Together we want to share our knowledge with other motivated people, therefore we work with companies that want to support us and our technology.


Listen to the Robohub Eindhoven podcasts, where we talk all things Robotics and were we invite experts to share their knowledge. Your host Ronald Scheer and co-host Mike van Lieshout. One of the returning topics wil be 'Education and Training' of new hires and also current employees.

Our projects

The challenges are divided in several tasks such as the autonomous navigation, where a robot need to navigate through a known area without colliding into dynamic objects and the manipulation task, that is based on using vision to recognize certain objects and pick them up and place them into a small container.

RoboCup@Work is the newest league at the RoboCup. It utilizes open research challenges in the industrial and service robotics.

Our partners

Website EuroHubner
Website Van Der Lande
Website IXON


Minor Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven - Rachelsmolen R1
Leader: Pablo Negrete Rubio