Sui2 is a robot consisting of an AGV (Automated Guided Vehichle), robot arm and deep learning based vision system. Sui2 is built to transport objects between different workstations in an industrial working environment completely autonomously. For example, Sui2 can drive autonomously to the workstation where an object needs to be picked up. When Sui2 hasContinue reading “Suii”


Faraday is an AGV built by Robohub enhanced with the UR3 robotic arm and a gripper used for the Robocup@work 2018. Its origin is quite a chaotic story… Originally we tried to compete at the Robocup@work league with the “Kuka Youbot” which was the standard platform used by all teams. As traumatising as it was, a driver in the robot did brake shortly before the competition.Continue reading “Faraday”


The robot Lau is a redesign based on components from our old robot Faraday, which is designed to compete in the yearly Delta Advanced Automation Contest. For this competition we designed a AGV which can autonomously clean the inside of a toilet. A group of 4th year engineering students designed and built the robot. AtContinue reading “Lau”